Brainfist My Anal Sky

by Joey Chainsaw



"A collection of homeless songs.
All by Joe, recorded between Oct 2004 - June 2005
Except 'Death Funk' recorded in early 1999.
For Joe Luna & Harry Sanderson for their persistence n music." - Joey Chainsaw

"Brainfist is an alter ego of the basement ghost artist mega-trukkin fukk head Joey Chainsaw and this album essentially collects together a bunch of material that never saw the light of day for whatever reasons. This album is a huge cold shivering wreck, and the songs here are utterly homeless in more ways than one...they're lost, searching, groping about in the dark for the light switch that isn't there. They pulse and coruscate and dig deeper with every inflection of the delay-ridden mulching distortion that's used throughout the album to static, stuttering effect.
The first track, "Arsension, Pt. 1", is a monolithic fifteen-minute thunder-dive to hell, totally enveloping and totally claustrophobic. It's the wall against which all the other (minute or so in length) tracks crash up against and try in vain to surmount. It seethes with a brutally sharp taste for self-destroying feedback, kinda a cross between the purest feedback of MBV and some of the peaking moments of Hototogisu. Every now and then a faintly human voice tries to escape from the morass and gets dragged back under, as the track slows to an insect crawl and slowly slides away under the floorboards like the demons decomposing at the end of The Evil Dead.
Skeleton percussion, blasted vocal coughs and a kind of humble devotion to the wasted sounds make the rest of the album as killer as "Arsension", and parts surpass it for sheer twitching painful weirdness. "Death Folk" contains some of the most terrifying, addictive vocal pulses that sound like a dude in the mountains with leprosy letting it all out...the title "Death Folk" really gets to the heart of what Brainfist accomplishes, creating a deep well of sounds that exist purely to find out what they're gonna sound like, and this in turn creates a mesmerising journey through a homeless heart. Moaning shifts of broken florescent light bouncing off the concrete flick off the sanity switch, and for all their brutal effects and pummelling aesthetic, this one guy sitting in a basement in Cheltenham, England, creates a more disturbing world than all manner of gore-noise projects in the US, or indeed the UK." - Joe Luna, Foxy Digitalis


released June 1, 2005

Self-released on CDr in 2005.
Artwork by Joey.



all rights reserved


Joey Chainsaw Bristol, UK

This page has been created by friends in tribute to Joseph Martin (aka Joey Chainsaw), who left this life in 2011. Expect this page to have regular uploads. Joey always wanted his music to be shared, to those who understood it. Be at peace dude.

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